Cheetah Tool PRO 1 Year Activation


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Added World First Huawei JAD-LXX P50 Pro {Read/Write/Erase Firmware, Security, Unlock Huawei ID}​
Added Next brand to support:

Added Repair IMEI LG ADB METHOD Without Root , Diag PORT
following Models:

D100AR-LG L20-D100-F-aka LG L20 -D100G -LG L20-D100J-LG L20
D105-LG L20-D105-F-LG L20-D107-F-aka LG L20-D120-LG L30-D120AR-LG L30
D120-F-LG L30-D120G-LG L30-D120J-LG L30-D125-LG L30-D125-F-LG L30
D125G-LG L30-D127-F-LG L30-D213-LG L50-D213AR-LG L50-D213C-LG L50
D213C-F-LG L50-D213CJ-LG L50-D213-F-LG L50-D213N-LG L50-D213TR-LG L50
D221-LG L50-D221C-LG L50-D225-LG L50-D227-LG L50-D228-LG L50
D331-LG L B-Ello-D331TR-LG L B-Ello-D335-LG L B-Ello-D337-LG L Prim-E
D680-LG Optimus G Pro-D681-LG G Pro Lit-E-D682-LG G Pro Lit-E
D682TR-LG G Pro Lit-E-D683-LG G Pro Lit-E-D684-LG G Pro Lit-E Balts
D685-LG G Pro Lit-E -Dual-D686-LG Optimus G Pro Lit-E-D690-LG G3 Stylus
D690N-LG G3 Stylus-D693-LG G3 Stylus-D690N-LG G3 Stylus-D693-LG G3 Stylus
D693N-LG G3 Stylus-D693TR-LG G3 Stylus-E440-LG Optimus L4–E440-F-LG Optimus L4
E440G-LG Optimus L4-E440J-LG Optimus L4-E445-Optimus L4 -Dual-E450-LG Optimus L5
E450B-LG Optimus L5-E450-F-LG Optimus L5-E450G-LG Optimus L5-E450J-LG Optimus L5
E451J-aka LG Optimus L5 II-E451G-aka LG Optimus L5 II-E455-LG Optimus L5 II -Dual
E455-F-LG Optimus L5 II -Dual-E455G-LG Optimus L5 II -Dual-E460-LG-Optimus-L5-II
E460-F-LG-Optimus-L5-II-E465-F-aka LG Optimus L4 II-E465G-aka LG Optimus L4 II
E467-F-LG Optimus L4 II-E460-LG-Optimus-L5-II-E460-F-LG-Optimus-L5-II-E465-F-LG L4 II TV
E465GLG L4 II-E467-F-LG Optimus L4 II-E470-F-LG Optimus L4 II
F690K-LG -X cam-F690L-LG -X cam-F690S-LG -X cam-F750K-LG -X Pow-Er
F770S-LG -X S-Eri-Es -X5 LTE-H320-LG L-Eon Y50-H320AR-LG L-Eon Y50
H320NM-LG L-Eon Y50-H324-LG L-Eon Y50-H324T-LG L-Eon Y50-H324TR-LG L-Eon Y50
H326G-LG L-Eon Y50-H326T-LG L-Eon TV-H326TV-LG L-Eon TV-H420-LG Spirit Y70
H420AR-LG Spirit Y70-H420-F-LG Spirit Y70-H422-LG Spirit Y70 -Dual
H422-F-LG Volt-H422T-LG Volt-H422TV-LG Volt TV -Dual-H500-LG Magna Y90
H500-F-LG Magna Y90-H500G-LG Magna Y90-H500T-LG Magna Y90-H500TR-LG Magna Y90
H502-LG Magna-H502-F-LG Magna-H502G-LG Magna-H502T-LG Magna-H502TV-LG Prim-E Plus -H-DTV

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